Grandma’s Blouse

Grandma’s Blouse
November 2010: Grandma first tells me about the blouse

A co-worker and I co-hosted a story telling night.  We each invited five co-workers who were all invited to bring one person.  The rule: everyone must tell a story, any story.  This was as much as anything a challenge for me.  A challenge to begin telling my story.  A challenge to push beyond being merely an observer and towards sharing that which often remains internal for me.  For a long time I’ve felt my story stuck inside of me.  I’ve craved to let it out.

A friend and I were recently discussing storytelling as therapy.  Humans need to have our stories witnessed.  I have often remained silent because of “not knowing what to say,” because of internalized ideas of not being articulate or thinking that people won’t be interested in what I have to say.  I feel myself emerging.  I am investing in myself and practicing taking myself seriously.  I am starting to take up space in a way that is meaningful for me.

This is what I shared at the storytelling night:

  • This is stunning. Fabulous. Beautiful story. And what a fabulous idea – a storytelling party. I want to be at the next one.
    So glad you shared your story.