10 days of adventure, friendship, and delicious juice

10 days of adventure, friendship, and delicious juice
Juicing with Jo!

Here I am 3 days into a 10-day juice-only fast. Basically I drink 5 large glasses of freshly pressed juice over the course of the day. In my juices today I get 2 made of apples, carrots and lemons and two made from kale, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, celery, apples, and lemons. The last juice is a dessert juice with sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and blueberries. I am not someone who diets a whole lot or tries the latest food fad. Whether it’s based on paleo or blood type, I just don’t dive into anything that is food-limiting. I certainly have never tried something like this where all my food/drink is planned for 2 whole weeks. But my friend Jo was going to do the juice fast and I was intrigued so I said that I would join her. So here I am.

Mostly, it’s been a whole lot of fun to go on an adventure with a friend. As someone whose daily life revolves around a house with 2 kids, it’s just good to try something new. From shopping to juicing for an hour each morning, we’ve been having a great time and sharing this experience together. And we are supporting each other in our health goals. Both of us won’t mind dropping a few pounds, but mostly want to kick out the processed food, sugar, salt, and caffeine that our bodies expect. The idea of the 10 days is to reboot your body, taste buds, and daily eating practices to gear yourself more toward a plant-based diet. The author of this method, Joe Cross, says that it’s not the juice fast that is the hard part, but committing to the plant-based diet afterwards. I like his moderate approach as he still eats meat and carbs, but mainly tried to keep plants as 40% of his total calories each day.

My family eats quite a bit of animal-based products. I married a guy who grew up on a dairy farm so animal products are non-negotiable. As people with strong environmental leanings, I have always wanted to push us towards a more plant-based diet. The reality is that my children will still eat a large amount of carbohydrates and dairy, but I hope that through time the example I set will stick. I can slowly remove the pasta and insert more vegetables. Maybe a few more days will have me throwing in the towel, tearing to eat some pizza. I could see that happening. Truly, that would be fine. I would still wake up the next morning and juice with my good friend, hoping to make one small step towards healthier living for me, the planet, and my family.

  • Ellie Roscher

    Welcome to Enough, Erin! I hope the juice is going well!