Blessings of boredom

Blessings of boredom

This Saturday I ran myself ragged. And I loved every minute of it. No, not because I am addicted to being busy. No, I am not trying to brag (okay maybe a little bit). I spent a wonderful day with friends and family doing many of my favorite things: playing, eating, talking, gardening, laughing, and just being. I was exhausted at the end of the day, but full of the peace of a life well lived, a life with meaning and purpose. Then on Sunday morning, the business section featured an article about the importance of boredom in one’s life. I found it a rather odd article mixed up among the retirement advice and the stock report. But it featured one of my husband’s favorite author’s, Neil Gaiman, so I had to read it. He basically said that we need boredom to be creative.

Just when I thought I nailed my Saturday with a day full of love, activity, and people; I read this article explaining how I blew it. So, instead of forcing my kids to get dressed quickly for a bike ride to church, I decide we can just drive this week. But then they were playing nicely together and I was actually getting to enjoy a cup of tea with the paper. So, I thought we’d go to this other denomination’s service in the afternoon instead. The kids like the change and I am always challenged by the sermon. Well, then nap time came and went as my daughter slept too late for us to go to the service. We managed to simply fill our day being home: reading stories, blasting rockets, playing in the yard, roasting a chicken, playing dress-up, and the like. To another day well lived, a day with meaning and purpose!

We need our busy days. We need our down days. Some days I love each moment being filled with activity and blessings. Other days, searching for an activity or something “to do” is a welcome change. I am grateful that my current lifestyle allows for those two experiences to happen side-by-side. I am thankful for a random article that changed my focus on Sunday to actually let me slow down a little.  Hopefully we can all heed life’s little voices and create room for meaning and purpose in each day where we are able.

  • Ellie Roscher

    Balance! I love this idea of letting your day speak to you!