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Having an adequate amount of something, such as enough food, water, or resources to meet your needs.


A sense of contentment, where a person feels that they have what they need or desire, and no more is required.


A boundary or limit beyond which something becomes excessive or unnecessary. For example, there may be a point at which working too much or accumulating too many possessions can be detrimental to one’s well-being.


Often subjective, and what may be enough for one person may not be enough for another. This can depend on factors such as personal preferences, values, and circumstances.

Recent Posts

Enough With Free Clothes

I attended my first clothing swap eight years ago and was immediately hooked. As I began training for my first triathlon, a woman who was retiring from triathlon competing gave me all of her running clothes. Women who had finished their pregnancies gave maternity clothes to new mothers. A woman wearing the same jean size … Read more

The Joys and Challenges of Moving to a New Home

I’m suddenly on the move again. Most people dislike moving, but I’ve always enjoyed it. There are so many lovely places to live, so many different environments to inhabit. I also like the reminder that people are my primary residence and that space is secondary. The Excess of Material Possessions Another thing I enjoy about … Read more

What is the Good Life?

For some time now, I’ve been pondering the significance of the American Dream in our pursuit of happiness. I’ve often wondered how much our adult happiness depends on making our childhood dreams come true, given how little we knew about what we should be dreaming about as children. I’ve been thinking about whether or not … Read more

Summers at the Farm

The “farm” features a lake, some canoes and kayaks, a permaculture garden, and several acres of woods in addition to a rustic four-bedroom, two-story farmhouse, an old red barn converted into an events rental, and a granary converted into a screened-in porch. We have the place to ourselves and don’t run into anyone the entire … Read more

The Power of Purging [Your Possessions]

The act of purging is vital. This helps get unused items into the hands of those who can make better use of them. In order to be resourceful and effective with our recirculation methods, we need to find means to purge on a regular basis. After 27 years in the same house, a friend of … Read more

The Pitfalls of Personalization: Isolation in a Customized World

Do you know about the new personalized Coke cans? It’s your coke can now, begging the question, what were you drinking before? Coca-Cola generic? Coca-Cola meant for everyone? Thanks to modern technology, you can finally have a can made specifically for you. Having a lot of stuff isn’t satisfying anymore. Our society places a premium … Read more

Guilt and Gratitude

All of us are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. However, I believe that it is more common for people to feel guilty until they are able to convince themselves of their innocence. ‘Catholic guilt’ is a common punchline in pop culture. Rather than being raised a Catholic, I was raised as the daughter … Read more