Eat your veggies.

Eat your veggies.

I talked to a 56 year old man last week who, when asked how he felt about his nutritional habits, said “Well, I don’t eat vegetables.  They make me gag and throw up.”


There is a lot of brokenness when it comes to the way first world countries interact with food.   At this point, that pretty much goes without saying.  But being able to say you don’t eat vegetables? (a staple of the human diet since the beginning of the human experience on earth) Ever?  Because you don’t care for them?  It’s like saying you don’t brush your teeth – ever – because you just haven’t found the perfect shade of turquoise toothbrush.  It doesn’t make sense.   How did we get to this place where a human being can be say, “I don’t eat vegetables” and still be alive to tell about it?

Perhaps planting a garden, or supporting someone who does and who will share their harvest, should be required.  Kind of like taxes.  You pay your taxes.  You plant your garden.  You eat your veggies, and you learn not to throw up.  Because that makes sense.

“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”  Thanks for the wise words, Michael Pollan.