Good Ol’ January, Or, How I Am Kicking Sugar

Good Ol’ January, Or, How I Am Kicking Sugar

The above image is the most recent cake I baked and decorated. My role in the family is the dessert baker, because I’m pretty good at it, but mostly because I care about eating delicious things made from real butter and organic ingredients and fresh fruit and, well, lots of sugar. This was my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday cake for her “everlasting inner child.” I’m pretty proud of it.

I could say that chocolate has been my only real addiction throughout life, but if I’m really honest, it’s the sugar I’ve been addicted to. Sugar is addictive. And I just recently decided to admit this truth and change my sugar-eating behavior.

It must be no coincidence that it’s January when I’m doing this, right? Right. But here I am, doing a sugar elimination diet. Cliches of all cliches, I suppose. No news there.

I won’t waste your time or having you thinking I’m about to convince you to do this yourself.

I’ll just say this: Wow, it has changed my life to not eat sugar.

The first few days were hard. I wasn’t chewing on the furniture or lashing out, but I was thinking about eating sweet things ALL THE TIME. It got better, like everyone says it would. But what surprised me is that within one week, I actually didn’t really want sweet things any more.

Yesterday I had one macaroon. And 10 minutes later I felt high. No joke. About an hour later, I felt irritable and snappy and all I could think about was wanting to brush my teeth. No joke. I had a sugar crash from ONE freakin’ macaroon. And when it was all over, I realized that I’d been more settled, calm, patient, even-keeled, and deliberate in my actions over the last 3 days than usual.

And I had my answer: no sugar made me a better version of myself.

I’m sold.

And as for my role as dessert maker? I’ll probably just endure/enjoy the sugar roller coaster/delight about 12 times a year. Because that’s how many people’s birthdays I get to bake for.

At least, that’s my new goal. Because, I have certainly had enough sugar for one lifetime already.