Tribute to the Teachers of the Animal Planet

Tribute to the Teachers of the Animal Planet


Today is a tribute. A tribute to the lessons of my 11 year old boxer. Cause you know what, I’ve grieved him dying a total of 3 times now, and I shit you not, every time there has been a hidden treasure within. I spent the last month thinking he was dying of cancer after a vet appointment where no other diagnosis was presented. I went through stages of regret that I was a poor animal owner, fear over how I would ever have the will to get out of bed during cold winters in Minnesota without him jumping on me, and honestly, piercing anger. I was pissed that I had this dream trip to Costa Rica planned and now my dog was going to die on me and I felt screwed either way.

My pity party went something like this…I go, risking him dying and regret I missed saying bye, or I stay and regret not going, resenting him every chilling step of the way. And after a month of that shit, I found out the lump on his lymph node was not cancer, but a reactivity to his gum disease.


Lesson 1, worry is a complete waste of all resources.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Many lessons came before that. Here’s my attempt at a list of the lessons I’ve learned from Tyson. I won’t order them because they have been more like a series of knots tired together rather than a list. Bullet points will have to do, pending as far as I know, the computer software I’m using doesn’t have a rope function;

  • There is no time like the present. Literally, no time BUT the present.
  • Now is the time to play, not when you get all your shit done.
  • Whatever is bothering you, physical touch will help.
  • Your energy affects me, if you are peaceful; I am peaceful (stop blaming it all on me). Along those lines, whoever smelt it, dealt it.
  • Wake up with downward dogs, trust me it will change your life.
  • If you are whining or uncomfortable, you are likely gasy or constipated. Get some fresh air either way. Natures cure.
  • Kindness will get me to obey, not yelling.
  • Nap when you are tired, eat when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty.
  • Hello, I’m right in front of your face.


I no longer have room for event the slightest doubt that animals have souls. Tyson has been my greatest teacher. A spiritual running buddy if you will. Love, compassion, non-attachment, forgiveness, presence, play all of the best lessons he ever so gently taught me. And all without expecting anything in return.


Tribute. To Tyson and all our animal teachers….Namaste. Namaste.