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We’re here to help you gain clarity and confidence so you can take meaningful steps towards a life of peace and happiness. Our posts a free form and are an ode to the early days of the internet, where content was simpler and life also felt simpler.

We’ve created this blog as a safe space and resource to help you:

Develop a healthy, positive mindset to achieve your goals.

Avoid burnout, stress, and overwhelm, establish self-care routines.

Reduce feelings of overwhelm and make time for your passions.

If any of the statements resonate, you’re in the right place:

In a culture that celebrates excess, how do we know when we’ve done or have enough?

We suffer because we think we aren’t good enough in some way.

We downplay our strengths and envy others’ skills. To feel better, we spend money we don’t have. We cling to safety. We pretend to be who we want people to like.

We don’t celebrate what we have, we long for more.