Kris Woll

Kris Woll is a Minneapolis-based writer and educator. Her essays on school songs, cinnamon rolls, the tooth fairy, and other lovely ordinary things have appeared in publications including Minnesota magazine, Edible Twin Cities, and on the Brain, Child blog. She is on a little hiatus from the the Enough blog right now, but will find her way back here one of these days.

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Oct 05


This is a season filled with tissue paper and birthday candles and sprinkled frosting. It is the season of my baby’s birthday, though she isn’t a baby anymore. Such a gift: her sparkly, float-into-the-room-in-tulle, glitter-tattoo-of-a-butterfly approach to life. She is a dessert-first, you-can-never-wear-too-many-beads sort of kid. I learn so much from...

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notes on (almost) the end of summer

Aug 24

So it’s almost the end of summer. Not meteorological summer — not yet — though the mornings are not bright as early as they were a few weeks ago, and nights are growing dim rather quickly. But the end of summer, as in the weeks that my big kid is not in school. Though only 1/4 of our household is actually on the school calendar these days, it still...

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not counting shoes

Aug 10

I’ve long been intrigued by the 333 project. The 333 project: 33 items of clothing, for three months (underwear, bras, significant item of jewelry, and pajamas excluded). Such a nice formula for cutting out what isn’t necessary, for focus, for streamlining, for simplifying. And I like formulas. Especially for difficult things. Inspired by a recent, brief...

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a little practice

Jul 11

I’m leading a little class on journaling that begins this week, a class called “Journaling as a Creative Practice.” I wrote the title — though like most everything I’ve written, I’m questioning if I got it right, wondering what I meant and wishing it was in pencil so I could erase it or in a notebook so I could rip out the page and try on a nice, new clean...

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this, then that

Apr 27

So one of the challenges of making a change — in my case, most recently, transitioning to freelance work — is that everything, well, changes. Every little thing, that is. The past couple of weeks have been exhausting, not so much because of a new schedule or the new projects or some sort of longer-than-usual to do list, but because so many of the little...

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