Kris Woll


Kris Woll is a Minneapolis-based writer and educator. Her essays on school songs, cinnamon rolls, the tooth fairy, and other lovely ordinary things have appeared in publications including Minnesota magazine, Edible Twin Cities, and on the Brain, Child blog. She is on a little hiatus from the the Enough blog right now, but will find her way back here one of these days.

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outside, inside, and with the box

Apr 13

I have this habit of rearranging the furniture in moments of transition, and I am in such a moment now. A couple of nights ago, my daughter and I changed out the old makeshift night stands that had been holding up the lamps and books by the side of my bed with a couple of new night stands, inexpensive and cute and long overdue in that very unfinished space. I took...

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Mar 08

I have been looking for this post for the past month. Looking through my weeks and my journal, looking for a good story to write about here. Something a little exciting. Sparkly. I’ve drafted, in the past few days, a few false starts: the one about how, last week, my dear son woke up and made breakfast all by himself, setting out the cereal, juice, milk (he...

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what to keep

Feb 01

My grandmother’s depression-era wisdom advised keeping everything, just in case: plastic bags upon plastic bags of … plastic bags. Scraps of fabric. Decades-old catalogs. Her basement was full of these. I’m quite certain that the bags and bags of bags didn’t really bring my grandma much in terms of joy though she did put them to use over the years, and not only to...

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